21. Wednesday

3 weeks left, um, no big deal .. right, right?! ha *panic ensues* haha but seriously, I was talking with a friend today about how the countdown makes me internally freak out, like, a lot! He just said, “well, you’ve been talking about the cafe for a long time so maybe without the countdown you […]

22. Cup Stamps

Many many conversations have happened around our takeaway cups; what they’re going to look like, where they’re going to come from, what sizes etc etc. but we have finally come to an agreement which means we get to action some fun stuff now (hooray!) Everyone knows that stamping is the current trend. I am still loving […]

23. Melbs Inspo

If I was anymore organised, I’d have already written a blogpost on my laptop tucked away in an amazing cafe somewhere in Melbourne. But alas, instead I waited until 10:30PM when we have arrived back in our house, I’m wearing trackies (okay, fine I’ll admit that I have been wearing these since before our flight home) and […]