35. Wall Talk

Let me paint a picture for you … our tiny espresso bar with natural light flowing in, enhanced by perfectly toned light fittings (imagine those really flattering lights in the H&M changerooms) and a contrasted, too-cool-for-school tiled wall with subway tiles in glossy white and perfectly black grout lines in between. ahhhh doesn’t that just make […]

37. Aprons!

Today I finally bought aprons for the shop. Oh, you think this isn’t a big deal?! Think again, people! I have been trawling the internet for weeks looking for the perfect apron. You may be thinking, ‘are aprons really necessary these days?!’ .. well, I know the cool, casual uniform-less worker is the new thing but […]

41. The Megalist

We’re determined to stay motivated and productive during this venue-free time by getting everything ready to go – kind of like having a dormant business ready to hit ‘activate’ on! One of the things that is a continual ‘work in progress’ for me is what I call the “Wildflower Megalist” which is pretty much just […]

43. Quiz Thnx

This is a big ol’ thank you to every person who filled in Jack’s form from Sunday night. For a while, there were only two responses (you guessed it .. Jack and Rianna) which made us feel a little pessimistic (and regretful that we’d posted it in, like, the middle of the freakin night) but then […]