11. Water + Parcels

Today was an excellent day! The truth is we had half a day off and boy was it needed!

We still ticked off a really big box today… We have water! Literally the only common ingredient in every single drink we will sell! (I think) Also it was no easy feat. we didn’t have water in our area of the building so we had to go across a room and through a wall to get it to Wildflower

Shout out to our new favourite plumber Bowie, who did an extremely fast and neat job of getting water from the source to our room.. I mean cafe.


Also this week we got lots of exciting boxes in the mail, we got our Bagel cutter, Bench mounted Jug Rinser, iPad Holder and our wallpaper for the back wall, it looks like the blog image and its going to look amazing!.. By the way anyone know how to put that stuff up? Hit us up here because at this point we are gonna do it ourselves, if you think this is a bad idea speak now or forever hold your words back when you judge our efforts.



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