23. Melbs Inspo

If I was anymore organised, I’d have already written a blogpost on my laptop tucked away in an amazing cafe somewhere in Melbourne. But alas, instead I waited until 10:30PM when we have arrived back in our house, I’m wearing trackies (okay, fine I’ll admit that I have been wearing these since before our flight home) and I am reeeeaddy for bed!

The weekend was a total dream; like, seriously is ‘holidaying’a permissable thing to list as a strength?! ‘Cause we are really freaking great at it!

I could confidently list ‘holidaying’ as a special talent of ours; like, we do it really well – perfect ratios of adventuring, relaxing, eating and coffeeing (um yes, that is definitely a verb) so to be home is bittersweet.

I’ll admit, there’s been part of me that has considered the sea-change; move to Melbs to escape real life – but instead of running away to the circus, I’m going to channel that love into inspiration; I can honestly see Newcastle growing towards a Melbourne-inspired culture and I wholeheartedly want to be a part of that journey; a part of a generation of dreamers and doers; and not just the ‘wanderlust’ type – the type who work their butts off to serve their city; love others, cheer for those around us and champion the small business causes around Newcastle.


I want to be a part of the journey toward change; not just run away to the finished project.

Sorry if this is too heavy inspo for your Monday night, but heck, I am dreamer in love right now and totally cannot wait to roll that big ol’ door up every morning!


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