49. [Another] Leap of Faith

Look, we can all acknowledge that quitting your job, living on one income and acting like we have a business signed, sealed and delivered (when we really just have a little blog, a whiteboard full of tasks and 23 saved searches on Gumtree) is a bit of a step of faith. But this week I’ve gone one further; I’ve been working a couple of days casually doing some admin work for the Salvation Army (shoutout to the best outreach team in the whole dang planet!) to earn some extra dollars, keep at least a fragment of structure in my week and give me that oh-so-sweet satisfaction of feeling like I’m achieving something, but this week will be my last, which means I am taking that ‘step’ of faith and turning into a full-blown duck dive (wait, is that even the right analogy?!)

I love that this is becoming more and more of a ‘faith journey’, if you don’t know by now – I believe in more than just things ‘happening for a reason’ – I really believe in God-ordained appointments and plans. But, trust me, believing that doesn’t make this ‘letting go’ business any easier – in fact, I am my most comfortable when I have at least a little control over situations (‘let your control-freak flag fly’ is the saying, right?!) and the process of opening Wildflower is pushing me to a place where I don’t have control over, well, anything! It’s this crazy mix of nerves, excitement and a little anxiety; imagine getting butterflies and car sickness and mixing them both up inside of your belly. Yep, that’s how I am feeling right now!

We’re currently waiting on solicitors to draft us a final lease, we’re waiting for Hunter Water to give us the thumbs up and I’m learning how to [really quickly] create engineer-worthy site plans to send to council and then … we’ll be ready … no biggie, right?!

Somehow, it’s allll happening and I want to be rejoicing with every single victory, no matter how small: so I quit another job today and we are 100% down to a single income.. and we are SO excited about it!!!
(Ohhh yeah, can’t you just hear my inner control-freak die a little right now!)

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