10. Sunday

Usually Jack writes the weekend blogs – and today in particular it really should be him writing; because he did most of the work today while I really embraced those Sunday sabbath vibes and spent most of my energy seeking out snacks rather than actually helping out on the worksite! But the show goes on..! After […]

17. Paint Day!

Well, hey everyone, it’s me (um, Rianna) doing a cameo appearance on a weekend .. I know I know, I usually take a pretty stubborn stand against blogging on the weekend (part defiance, part laziness!) but Jack is wrapped up like a blanket burrito and is totally tuckered out! It’s been one of those sit-down-in-the-shower […]


I wish I could write a post that was like, “omg 20 days to go and only 20 more things..” but unfortunately .. it’s more like 20 days; 20 000 things!!! So instead, here’s 20 lessons I’ve learned in the last 80 days; super quick to read but super hard to actually learn: 1. Opening […]