So, remember how we said it was a 10 day pause..?! Yep, well actually we meant a 17 day pause .. I can see how this may have been confusing (and definitely not our fault at all… right!?) Before I actually write anything real, let me just say that I freakin’ miss you blog-fam! I […]

1. ONE

So I really thought I’d be writing the second last blog post as a big, dramatic crescendo fashion but expectation/reality strikes again; I am sitting in the spare room with red, scratchy eyes, a full-grey tracksuit and a deep desire to binge eat chocolate (dang it, curse past Rianna for not buying any junk treats!), doesn’t […]

4. The Neon

Four days out is a total mind game – somehow we still justified some restful time today; me moreso than Jack (I’m reading a really good book right now, okay?!) If you have just jumped on board this journey with no context, Jack and I chose to follow the ‘100 day’ thing and build a cafe […]

6. Dan Day

This is another blog post Jack Bing should be writing because I feel like I was mainly an accessory … you know, getting the coffees, doing the Bunnings run and boosting morale (my specialty) but I like to think that my contribute was valuable to the very productive day that was had at Wildflower HQ. […]

10. Sunday

Usually Jack writes the weekend blogs – and today in particular it really should be him writing; because he did most of the work today while I really embraced those Sunday sabbath vibes and spent most of my energy seeking out snacks rather than actually helping out on the worksite! But the show goes on..! After […]