So, remember how we said it was a 10 day pause..?! Yep, well actually we meant a 17 day pause .. I can see how this may have been confusing (and definitely not our fault at all… right!?)

Before I actually write anything real, let me just say that I freakin’ miss you blog-fam! I miss debriefing to you, updating you and getting excited with you about all the trivial things (um, remember how excited I was about the aprons .. yes, I know and yes, I am still in love).

Since I’ve last written (87 years ago) so much has happened .. we were supposed to be up and running tomorrow morning but a couple of things have stalled; the first and foremost is that we don’t actually have a coffee machine yet, which apparently is important if you are, you know, opening a coffee shop! But we do believe in bigger and better timing and we’ve actually loved using the extra couple of days to work, build and paint (yes, I’ve learned my lesson .. I will never again declare that ‘yay the painting is finished’ because I now know painting is never, ever finished!).

I feel like the small business life is really just a crazy chaotic adventure where you wear 100 different hats and try to juggle it and make it all work. So amidst the chaos of the last week, we forgot to prioritise our marketing hat (let’s be honest, I was probably still wearing my painting hat!) and omitted communication with you guys and with our wider market reach that, well, we wouldn’t be open tomorrow. Aside from some social media stuff, we have no idea how many people think tomorrow is still the day and we are pretty freakin’ nervous to be seeing people down at the cafe tomorrow (Jack and I just spoke about bringing the kettle down and making some filter coffee as a consolation for people’s efforts!) and have to sadly break the news!

But, if you were planning on coming down and you still wanna hang out, definitely come say hi; but you gotta shift your expectation from a creamy, hot latte into more of a Macca’s coffee and a finger bun .. still good, right?!

So .. I know we’ve said this before .. but next Saturday is the day! Like we promised, we’ll still have a Secret Blog Party for you guys (hit ‘subscribe’ at the bottom with your email address for the eventual invite) but to see you through until then – here are some current photos of our nearly-totally-legit-real-life cafe; have a lurk, zoom in and remember to use your dreamer goggles (that see straight past ladders, construction stuff and 1m deep sawdust!):


See you soon!


  1. Looking great guys. I have loved following your journey and missed having something to read the last few days
    God is definitely in control and you are both going to be so blessed xx

    Liked by 1 person

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