10 Day Pause

Who expected to see us here tonight? We sure didn’t but we thought it would good to make sure our amazing blog readers officially know what we are doing for the next 10 days (don’t tell the others but you’re our favourites)

When are we opening?

The next 10 days we will be doing everything in our power so that we can share delicious coffee and good times with you on Saturday 12th of May save it in your calendars, we will be open 6am – 12pm!

Whats happening with the soft opening?

If we can get Wildflower up and running prior to the 12th we would love to have a soft opening with you! This means an afternoon/ evening where you can come, hang out, grab a coffee and we can test out all our handywork.

We WILL post a blog invitation to invite you if we organise the soft opening so even though we won’t be posting progress for the next 10 days keep an eye out for the invite! If you want to make sure you don’t miss it you can subscribe by pressing the ‘follow’ button at the bottom of the main page and you’ll get an email notification when we post.

What about the Blog?

We will not be posting progress blogs for the next 10 days but we will post ‘Reflection Blogs’ as Ri called them last night after we have opened to catch you right back up!

How will we know what’s happening?

Check out our social media, Instagram is the best at the moment, we will make sure we keep you up to date with the latest Wildflower milestones!

See you when we see you!!


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