0. 100 Day Cafe (nearly)

Ohhhh no – I am not ready for the pressure of writing the final blog. Maybe I’m just putting the pressure on myself or mayyyybe the weight of the world actually is on my shoulders .. you decide.


Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 11.45.25 pm.png

Here we are! 100 days down and, well, we nearly have a cafe! The difference between this countdown and the 100 day wedding is that at the conclusion of the last countdown, we got to get freakin’ married, have a party and then go on the best holiday of our lives. But in stark contrast, we currently have junk

everywhere, a metre long to-do list and have to keep working ’til we open … which is when the real work begins! But worry not, we are seriously loving the chaos – new challenges everyday and unbelievable miracles along the way!

Today and yesterday have definitely been the most emotionally taxing days so far; in fact, I wrote the blog yesterday whilst I was locked away in the spare room because we were bickering so much and I was being an evasive sook! How good is hindsight, right!? But there has been some beautiful moments of sweetn

ess tucked away in amongst the chaos; friends dropping around food, people coming to say hello, messages from strangers cheering us on, flowers from my beloved and I am currently sitting squished up to Jack with a hot cup of tea in front of me … oh those old lady indulgences are my absolute weakness!


So, upon reflection – the 100 days has been a steep learning curve … ‘steep’ as in pretty much freakin’ vertical! Was it crazy?! Duh, yes! But I do think that if we’d gotten a location secured earlier, we could have had it done and open within 100 days (to give you some context, we’ve only been in our place for 18 days!) but I am getting used to the idea that 100+ days is not a failure and I am so thankful for timing that is greater than ours and a God that operates way outside our concept of time and promises to exceed every one of our expectations!


Today was crayyyy-zayyy! We had our incredible tradies turn up bright and early from Vogue Shopfitting – they went straight to work and worked so freakin’ quickly I could barely keep track (so, naturally I did coffee runs and some miscellaneous morale boosting!). They built a bulk head, aluminium coving, patched up the roof, trimmed the sides of the walls, sealed holes etc etc. – all of these things pretty much means the cafe no longer feels like a semi-sketchy garage and actually feels like somewhere safe [and awesome] to order the best dang coffee of your life! Oh, and now I can think about Council inspections and not have a lowkey anxiety attack.


At 9AM our beloved Danny Lines rolled in and went absolutely crazy on the electrics – we now have power (eek!); lights, powerpoints, iPhone chargers (no biggie!) and sensors out the front. Dan is one of those guys who goes above and beyond for a friend, every single time – and makes you feel like you wanna just hug him the whole time, you know?! Right before he left (after working for us for 8 hours) he casually mentioned he came straight to the cafe from working a nightshift and had been awake for 27 HOURS! Ohhhh the guilt was real, people! But that insane (like, actually insane) selflessness made us feel totally loved and looked out for!


Once all the tradies had finished and raced away, it was just Jack and I – we cleaned, painted, fought (yep, real talk!), built and cleaned a little more. Our incredible friend (slowly transitioning into being our incredible ‘personal chef’) Renae dropped around a hot dinner and my sweetest ex-work pals dropped around a 12 pack of donuts (pls don’t ask me about how many are left *lets out top button of jeans*)


We had fun putting everything in place to make it feel like a real life cafe; for the first time! Don’t worry – we’re not ignorant to the fact we have no coffee machine, no food, no fridge etc. but for the first time, we got to stand behind a counter and actually feel the reality start to set in! It was a sweet moment – made even sweeter by a relatively early home-time and flowers and a note that’d been delivered earlier today .. yep, I cried.
And my current ‘right now’? I am frantically trying to write a blog and finish it half an hour ago and Jack is wrapped up like a blanket burrito sleeping while he waits for me. He is the sweetest, ever!


Here’s our current ambitious, council-permitting plans – open officially on Saturday 12th May which is 110 days in total and I  10% over is acceptable according to every assignment ever! We’ll make a big announcement at some point (when we’re more confident we’ll actually be able to serve up coffees that day!)

Prior to that we will be planning a soft opening for blog readers; yep – you! Whether you’re the liker, the commenter, the recreational reader or the secretly-addicted-but-stay-in-the-shadows kind of reader – we want to serve you and thank you (oh, and also test everything out on you!) so stay tuned for the details in the next couple of days.

Will a blog come up tomorrow?! Hmm .. I’m not sure yet. We’re still undecided about keeping the final touches a mystery or just persevering as if 110 days was always the plan! Either way, we want to collate and write up some ‘reflection blogs’ once we finish – best/worst moments, Q&A’s, thank you’s etc. to give the cyber-world a bit of closure and gratification seeing that glorious evolution from dream to real life! Eek!

In true Rianna-the-complacent-blogger fashion, it is 11:40PM and I am officially signing off; thank you so much for being my secret online refuge, a place and a cyber community where I felt loved, encouraged and supported.
I was pretty honest about struggling emotionally once I’d quit my last job and as well as keeping me annoyingly accountable, the blog created an online community for me that actually made those gross times bearable. So thank you so much; for every message, comment and conversation!

Wildflower is planted and growing in great soil (I’m not sorry about that weirdo analogy, either!) because of the community around her (oh, and apparently I’d never mentioned it but Wildflower is a girl) and for that, I’m thankful!