1. ONE

So I really thought I’d be writing the second last blog post as a big, dramatic crescendo fashion but expectation/reality strikes again; I am sitting in the spare room with red, scratchy eyes, a full-grey tracksuit and a deep desire to binge eat chocolate (dang it, curse past Rianna for not buying any junk treats!), doesn’t that just paint a glamorous image!!?

Before I give you a rundown of the day, let me quickly answer some FAQs that are circling right now:

  • We are NOT opening tomorrow! Please don’t drop by and joke about buying anything, it will only hurt my feelings (just joking, I promise I’m not as emotionally unstable as I sound.. or am I?!) hahah but really, somewhere along the last couple of weeks, we subtly changed our goal from opening a cafe in 100 days to building a cafe in 100 days; still crazy ambitious and still a pretty real chance that it might not happen, but we will be working our butts off tomorrow to try and get there!
  • Tomorrow (not today) is the last day of the countdown; yep, we squeezed an extra day out on a technicality but it was worth it – countdowns should end on zero, and that’s a fact. Plus, one more blog (yay!)
  • We will be making an announcement tomorrow – regarding the opening and the next steps for the cafe (woo!)
  • We’re not sure yet if we’ll keep blogging – not because we’ve over it and not because we have nothing else to say (anyone who knows us at all knows this isn’t the truth!) but just because we haven’t had the time or foresight to actually talk about what we’ll do… obviously between tomorrow and the day we open there will be things happening, but I don’t want to feel like we’re using and abusing the resource – you know, like milking the spotlight when really, you guys only signed up for 100 days! Feel free to email, Insta-message or Facebook us if you have any suggestions! Keen to hear (especially if you’ve so far been a lowkey stalk-from-afar kinda reader!!)

So, today… it was ahhhhmazing! Like, crazy and manic and totally insane but definitely amazing! It was one of those days that made me think that those people who always wear those bluetooth earpieces (you know the ones I mean, right?!) to answer their phones are actually onto something .. don’t worry, don’t plan an intervention yet – all I’m saying is that I was talking to and dealing with a lot of people simultaneously today!

Honourable mentions:

Chris Bright

Our wonderful friends Chris and Nickey are also our neighbours (yay!) and today we had Chris all day helping us out; seriously invaluable and without him there all day it’s likely I would have been a frazzled mess and lost any chance of productivity! Amongst actual jobs like cleaning, building, driving etc Chris also taste tested some cake samples and delivered me a vegemite scroll to the worksite. Pretty darn wonderful!

Craig Wellings

Okay, I spoke about Craig yesterday – but today, Chris tried to clean the old sign off only to be reminded that the sign is, like, 100 years old has been burnt by the sun everyday of it’s life! So plan A did not work and plan B … well, plan B was to send an SOS to Craig! And he came through with the goods! Him and his son Barney (an old friend of mine) troubleshooted and instead of leaving us with a sketchy DIY job, they just whipped up a customer made perspex sign for us … no big real, right?! Unbelievable!
Oh, and this afternoon we put the sign up on the street and we had to do a little dance (okay, maybe I had to do a little dance) ’cause it looks so freakin’ legit!



James Garret

Again, a follow up from yesterday, but James swept in today with his brother, dropped around all these sheets of metal and a tonne of floor coving and within two hours and a lot of sparkly metal shavings sprayed all over the floor (which I secretly loved and would choose over sawdust any day!), our cafe looked like a refrigerator and we had a solid, sealed aluminium wall! Tomorrow, we’re getting in bright and early so the boys can start on their next miracle project! James, you are so so good to us!




Look, I nearly gave Jack and Ri Bingham a title for this one, but the cringey-ness of giving yourself an honourable mention was too much to handle! So instead, here’s a shoutout to Youtube tutorials for giving us the strength and encouragement for us to believe that we could put up wallpaper without any assistance and heck, if DIY Mom says it’s easy, how hard can it really be, right?! Well, we did it – there’s a video on our Instagram featuring a couple of very proud, accomplished wallpaperers! And, if you’re thinking about wallpapering but worried that it’s going to be harder than contacting fresh exercise books, let me empower you – ’cause it’s surprisingly easy and sooooo satisfying!

One more day – no big deal!



  1. Well im going to miss reading the daily blogs, always looked forward to it as there was not much else of interest in my emails except free books. Love how much you have accomplished, awesome work. good luck with the opening, looking forward to having a tea with you.