2. A day in the life..

Okay, people TWO DAYS! This is not a drill. Honestly, I feel like I should have a thousand things to write about that we did today, but it was actually a pretty weird one! Don’t get me wrong, we got a lot of things done .. but boring jobs .. you know the ones that are important but hardly satisfying once finished.

Instead of telling you about the tasks that filled my day (which, honestly will probably just stress you out .. welcome to my world!) .. I want to tell you about the people that filled it; if you’ve been around Jack and I long enough, you’d know we’re pretty passionate about the community around us; in fact, we pretty much believe that we are a product of the people that surround us; they build us up and help us out, they model incredible lives and they teach us through the way they live. People are so generous to us; with their time, their energy and their resources. We are totally, completely spoiled to death. So this is just a recount of today (’cause there are so many other people being crazy good to us right now) and example of the life we’re currently living.

Sister Chef
I start most of my mornings through the week exercising with my sister, Kate; she is 25 weeks pregnant and kicccks my freakin’ butt in every exercise (*eye roll*). We work out for an hour(ish) and then Kate always makes me breakfast … and we’re not talking cereal; I’m talking eggs, toast, spinach, asparagus, avo, coffee. Legit strength building, morale boosting power food! So yes, I start my day by being doted on by my own sister.


JP Appointment
Early in the day, my brother Charlie messaged me about him and his business partner Ben giving away some old hospitality equipment – which is convenient ’cause I had already planned to use and abuse Ben as a JP to witness me signing a contract! I met up with them and from their bar, we loaded a whole bunch of stuff into the van! Just like that, we saved around $150 plus got our contract signed!!

The Miracle Signs
I took the van and went full-expedition mode to Maitland (yes, by now we know I’m dramatic!) to pick up our newwww signs … if you’ve been doing a sneaky drive-by the cafe space, you’ll have noticed the ‘Nick-Knacks’ signs still blazing up. But not for long, people! Our amazing landlord gave us permission to take them down and redecorate! But Jack’s family friend Craig printed our sticker decals, gave us advice and equipment all for free – which is unbelievable!
Hunter Signs you are the best!

The drive-by helper with our deceptively big street signs!

The Drive-By
While Jack was on struggle St at the top of an inappropriately tall ladder and I was, well, helping .. Chris Bright drove by and came to the rescue! In classic Chris Bright fashion, he put himself straight to work [without asking]!

The Instagram Comment
So, I’ll admit that I’d badmouth social media any day of the week (classic addict behaviour, right?!) but my wonderful mother in law posted a photo over the weekend, which lead to comments from family friends, which lead to direct messages which lead to James and Bec Garret coming over this afternoon to the cafe space. I knew them both from my old job but Jack had never met them .. and somehow, in the space of a few hours, James has now offered us a total shop fitout to make sure everything’s up to scratch for food safety – which we were on total struggle with. Oh, okay most generous people in the world!!!

This is James – our new, crazy incredible friend!

Oh, and then we came home and ate meals that have been cooked for us. No biggie.

So, we’re two days out and I just wanted to honour the people around us and remind everyone that our team is not just made up of two people; it is a whole community doing what they can to make this dream a reality – Wildflower has literally been built by this selfless love and we hope that when it opens, it will have a life that reflects those foundations.

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