3. Home Stretch

3 Days!!

Today was an interesting one, we actually stripped the cafe right back to looking completely empty. It was necessary, we had a big clean up to do and we had a roof and walls to fix so everything inside must go!

Another day where so many friends came along to help out, we have some incredibly generous friends that gave up most of their Sunday to help us finish Up some major jobs. I can’t name you all but you know who you are and Ri and I are so so thankful for you.

P.s Anyone that drives past and honks at us we appreciate you too (It happens multiple times a day at this point)



I am back to work tomorrow after a 5 day “holiday” and just want to be at Wildflower now getting all the final jobs done so we have a cafe ready to go by Wednesday (Day 0.) we are still confident! Then we plan on just refining and ironing out the creases so we can open as soon as possible after, we literally can not wait to spread some love and caffeine into this city!

So here is where we stand with 3 days to go..

To Do.

  1. Signage
  2. Wallpaper (Tune in tomorrow)
  3. Sinks
  4. Appliances
  5. Coffee Machine
  6. Hook up Electrical
  7. Audio
  8. Decor

It’s getting crazy exciting and equally nerve racking, I am actually feeling so excited for what is to come! Blogger friends Wednesday will be a good one!

This is quite possibly going to be my last blog post so a huge huge thank you to anyone who reads these, Ri and I still don’t really know why but we absolutely LOVE that we can bring anyone who wants to in on the journey so thank you again!

Because am the stats guy I humbly can tell you that over the course of 97 blog posts over 3,700 people have read at least one, the blog has over 26,700 views and hundreds of you tune in every day to see what we are up to. Crazy! I feel very thankful and when you come along to Wildflower make sure you let us know you were a part of this!

Thank you,

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