5. The Wall!

Good friends of ours came over and made us the most delicious gnocchi for dinner, so please keep in mind I’m writing this post with a belly full of potato and ready for a carb-induced coma!

After we put in a couple of solid hours, we left the cafe space looking totally different than when we’d arrived … which is THE best feeling!

At around 10:30, our girl Kiasmin, who was our business consultant and had a whole blog post dedicated to her way back here, came around equipped with an inventory of miscellaneous things that is obviously required for her high level of creative genius .. brushes, paints, pigments, overalls, a blanket and a cushion for, you know, when you want to sit down … and from someone who has been slumming it on the ground for lunch everyday for the last fortnight, that is an unbelievable revelation!


We are humungous fans of Kia, right … so our design brief to her was pretty much like, you know all of those incredible artworks you already do …?! Anything like that would be amazing. And with that, she created this concept of the Wildflower; inspired by botanicals, indigenous art and the deep colours of nature – and when that inspo gets unleashed onto a big, blank white wall – the results are pretty unbelievable.
Seriously check her out – @kiasmin.art, she runs events in Newcastle, creates amazing pieces and is obviously just an all round amazing babe!


We also did a little time lapse – check it out here

And the finished product … no biiiiig deal! Amazing, right?!


Part 2 …

We also built a wall today – which partitions our little cut-out from the rest of the significantly larger buildings! It was just me helping Jack and whilst I tried my hardest to be helpful and not a hindrance, I do think I may have slowed down the process a little!!

Hey, Jack here.
Ri posted this blog about 5 minutes ago and I cannot let that last line stand. Ri was such a massive help to me today with the wall. She handed me screws and noggins, marked out studs, power points, held heavy things in very specific places and literally did everything besides put the screws in!

literally couldn’t have done it without you Ri, you are an amazing help!

Just a photo of the wall being built – and definitely not just an admiration picture of Jack…

And lastly, I had a trip to the council today – no photos though  because I cried for 25 minutes before I got there ’cause I was a panicky mess and couldn’t get anything right before the meeting (or in the meeting, in fact) but God was so so good to me (like, seriously my makeup didn’t even run from the tears – that is an actual miracle) and we got through we some surprisingly big results (oh, plus an administration fee and a $5 parking ticket!)

Big day – big dinner and now I’m ready for a very deep sleep … and no, I won’t rule out having gnocchi for breakfast tomorrow!

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