6. Dan Day

This is another blog post Jack Bing should be writing because I feel like I was mainly an accessory … you know, getting the coffees, doing the Bunnings run and boosting morale (my specialty) but I like to think that my contribute was valuable to the very productive day that was had at Wildflower HQ.


Our amazing friend Dan Lines was onsite today to do all of our electrical work … of which [prior to today] there was none. none. So to have him there today was incredibly valuable – we have lights, power points and um, other things that are also very important (remember I’m the accessory of the day, please!). Dan is the absolute epitome of a selfless friend; serving us during his holidays and working all day as if we were paying him something other than just fish, chips and a bottle of coke!


Jack sent this one to me to upload – which suggests it’s important to include…


Jack has today and tomorrow off work (yay!) and did a cheeky 12 hour day down there making sure all of the things were happening – at around 4PM there was a shift change and Dan Lines got replaced with Dan Bing who came to fix some cabinet things and install a new toilet door (not super glamorous but very important!!). Dan was there tirelessly helping us until around 7PM when we got to leave and go and meet the rest of the Bing fam for Mexican (oh, um are we allowed to still claim market research!?). Brother, we love you!



While Dan Bing was still working at the site, I left and met our friend Dan Nilsson at my sister’s house – for those who don’t know we have a fridge, a toaster and some tables and chairs still sitting in my sister’s shed (oops … 2 months later, love you Jade!) so Dan went to troubleshoot and fix our fridge (which we got for free ’cause he didn’t know if it worked properly) .. so far, so good (Jade is testing the frosty-ness of it throughout the night before we move it in to the cafe!)!!

Also – Jack got a message from his friend/mentor Dan Broadbridge this morning asking him if we need a hand fixing our ’95 VW Golf (which, um, we do!)

Aaaaand our girl Dan Palmer announced her engagement today.

All of these things are true – and we still haven’t found an effective way to differentiate between our five significant Dans amongst conversation! Much confusion!


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  1. Well done Rhi and Jack, it is coming along nicely and I love following your blog, it will all fall into place as you have both worked so hard, love Robyn x


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