7. Lady [lawyer] Di

Today has been the weirdest – we got up after like four hours sleep for the ANZAC dawn service, which was amazing as usual, then the Bing fam got breakfast afterwards together (ft. greasy food and great coffee… what a freakin’ combo!) and then when we got home (at, like 8AM) I was so frazzled that I accidentally had a four hour nap … and if you didn’t know, post-nap shock is a real thing; I was so disoriented and grumpy all day that I really didn’t do anything productive … just an unhealthy mixture of reading my book and playing games on my phone (sooo .. am I a four year old orrrr…?!)

At around 4:30 (honestly, it could have been 8PM for all I knew) our lovely Lady Di came around to give us all of the law advice we needed – I am well-versed in the ‘learning life lessons from Google’ kinda life, but hecccck it is so nice to be able to talk to an actual person about really miscellaneous things and have them answer in common people language (this whole sentence reiterates the fact that I am still frazzled from my day!)

We went over tenant’s rights and responsibilities, legal requirements, legislation etc and actually came out of it feeling very at peace, confident and excited about all of the things. Also feeling so grateful for our wonderful friend who donated her whole afternoon to answering our repetitious questions (of which there were many) and saving us like $1500 (though I did make her a coffee with cream which, let’s be honest, is a currency in itself!)

Oh, and you think that with seven days to go we should be working our butts off around the clock?! Well, yeah yeah we’re getting there … but we needed to do lazy life today [again] and we’ll be back with a vengeance tomorrow, I promise!

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