8. More Painting (!)

So remember how I said the painting was all over and I threw a little bit of a party to celebrate?! Well, today I got to spend the whole day painting! I really enjoyed the painting when it was void of any skill and just entailed mindless, therapeutic rolling uppp and dowwwn and upppp and down (ooh just makes me drowsy thinking about it!) but now that it’s all the little fiddly parts with hardly as much gratification, I am beginning to like it less!


But luckily for me, I had a couple of incredible recruits on hand – my two girls came in and helped me paint the roof, the walls and the framework of what will be the back and front counters. Hooray – it took us a surprisingly long time (in fact, it ended in us racing around to get everything packed up right before we had to race off) and somewhere in there, we managed to find time to eat pizza scrolls, finger buns and frozen cokes (well, soda water for me ’cause I’m old and it will take me a week to get over the sugar hangover).
Today further reiterated the fact that doing life with people is way better than roping people in to do a task.


Another exciting highlight of the day; Jack got a haircut and looks amazing … so there’s that!

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