Today was not filed under the ‘good day’ compilation – I was crazy anxious all day, was nearly vomiting at lunch time and even as I’m writing this I just got angry at Jack for spilling like 5 poppy seeds on my keyboard – so maybe you could say that my emotions are highly strung right now… maybe. And yes, I am binge eating ‘healthy’ treats to make myself feel somewhat better.
Everybody has heard that the road to opening a small business is not an easy one – and I wanna be super transparent about that; it’s fun to be excited and pumped and supernaturally optimistic, but honestly – sometimes ambition seems to manifest into those overwhelming, panicky nerves .. you know what I’m talking about, right?! But, just as important as it is to learn the lessons like “what is GST” (I’m not ashamed to admit I still haven’t figured that one out yet!) and how to create financial projections, learning to push through the nerves and redirect them into being positive is a real art and [hopefully] will feel more natural as we push through more into the unknown.

Anyway, deep and meaningful aside – today I still did many jobs because, well, there’s NINE freakin’ days left people so the show has gottttsta go on!!

We ended up going with Eco Cups for our take away vessels – you know I’m a bit manic about the disposable game and we were prepared to spend a little extra to make sure we weren’t being environmental jerks! The cups we’ve ordered are biodegradable (cue an objection & eye roll from every person who’s seen ‘War on Waste’) and compostable – which means even if they are thrown in with the regular waste, they actually will break down and won’t outlive us .. or our grandkids! Oh … and they’re white and pastel pink .. no big deal, right?! *squeals*

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 10.04.52 pm.png

So they are ordered (!) and the first delivery will be made to our house – which means our living room is going to become even more chaotic as it has the most miscellaneous Wildflower stuff just strewn recklessly around (not to mention the fifty thousand to-do lists written on every surface!) but heck, that’s all apart of building a business from nothing … sometimes there isn’t a real separation from the business and, well, the rest of your life; it all just kinda spills together!!!

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 10.04.41 pm.png

Oh, and I also dealt a lot with council today … I’m not going to deny that any anxiety is directly related to council communication … not going to deny that at all!

Also, shout out to my wonderful friend Renae who dropped around the most glorious meals for Jack and I to freeze and eat in the next couple of weeks – featuring lots of vegetables to preserve what’s left of my mental stability (okay, okay I’m being dramatic now!!!) ..

End note: For the most part, I am actually doing great – I just didn’t want this whole adventure to seem like is ‘peachy Instagram awesomeness’ all the time … so when I’m walking down Struggle St, I wanna be honest about that!!

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