10. Sunday

Usually Jack writes the weekend blogs – and today in particular it really should be him writing; because he did most of the work today while I really embraced those Sunday sabbath vibes and spent most of my energy seeking out snacks rather than actually helping out on the worksite! But the show goes on..!

See if you can spot my handiwork in the foreground…

After church this morning (which, by the way, was ahhhmazing … one of those messages that felt like it was written just for me) Jack and I had a scheduled meeting, which many people have laughed at but, honestly, it’s really effective because unless we have an agenda and feel like it’s serious and official, we will always opt to just be total ratbags and talk nonsense – so a structure works for us, evidently!

We spoke about this week’s plans and our current goals, we did a finance breakdown and even managed to score a couple of gumtree finds in between agenda points ($150 surround sound system?! No big deal!). Then we went and got changed out of our ‘real people clothes’ (jeans and a shirt) and back into our highly favoured apparel which everyone owns; you know what I’m talking about, right?! Old shirts you used to love and shorts that you don’t even know where they came from – yep, that’s our current ‘look’ of April 2018!

When we got down the venue, Jack was doing, well … he was doing some impressive building things – not to be dismissive, but while he was impressing me with his skills and rugged good looks (oh, am I getting off track here?!), I was painting the bottom of the room; where we had carelessly slopped paint around this time last week – turns out my painting skills have become a lot more refined over the last seven days!!!


Then I moved on to help Jack, we built the framework for the back and front counter which look sooo great (we may have put them into place and stood behind them like we were ready for our first customers!) by then, the sun was going down so our fun was over. We left, picked up the miracle gumtree speakers and then went and had a greek feast with out wonderful friends (no, we will not let a business kill our social life … yet!)

Sleepy Sunday, right?! The best day of the freakin’ week … down to single digits, baby!

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