12. The Fit-out

It is Friday and I am thankful. I could write a whole post on how thankful I am, for the weekend, for incredible friends, for my amazing hard working wife, I am so so filled with thankfulness!

This week has been huge, I am still working my job 8-4 then every day this week I have gone straight to Wildflower and been fitting out the inside until usually about 11pm, safe to say I am going to sleep SO well tonight! (P.S It’s 12:30 and we literally just got home from doing exactly that)

IMG_3149 2
Sealing the floor this week  – 11:00pm

You may have noticed in some images the back wall of our cafe has a window and a door in it leading into another room, to put to rest any confusion that area is not Wildflower so we have [nearly] built a wall that will cover that to seperate us from the warehouse behind us.


The white paint is complete.. and everyone sighs in relief, that was a huge Job and again massive thanks and props to all hands that were on brushes and rollers this week.


The counters/ benches that will hold all our important stock and make our cafe actually work as a functional cafe are half complete so they will be done in due time! The face of our front counter is brought to you by Wildflowers major sponsor, Gumtree, and it’s made up of old white fence palings that we paid (yep) zero dollars for.

Look at those glorious fence palings!


Tomorrow we should have plumbing and hopefully this time next week I can tell you we have power too! Very exciting times ahead!

I am not even exaggerating when I say that just this afternoon and tonight 15 people that we did not invite (but were so delighted to see) came and dropped in to either say hello, help, bring snacks, bring dinner, yell at out from their car or some combination of these things. The community around us and Wildflower blows Ri and I away nearly every single day. We literally couldn’t individually thank people on here or we would run out of internet.

I can’t wait to get this place open. 12 days..

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