13. Painting Complete!

Just in case anyone thought I was just trying work my way into getting an extra day – here I am doing the double blog (I know there were lots of exciting and significant things that happened yesterday that I must have omitted, but my memory is hazy – sorry Jack!!)

Today was a snooze-the-alarm kind of day .. I had intentions of a 6AM start which got negotiated back to a 7AM start which got snoozed into actually being 7:45AM. I had to get in early and reseal the concrete so they had 10 hours to dry before Jack and Isaac needed to walk all over it tonight.

So I rolled it all out and then started on the walls – it turns out that I had just been leaving all the hard bits ’til last .. which is probably why I’d been enjoying the painting so much prior to today! Luckily, my angel Steph messaged me asking if we could go out for coffee which quickly turned into chicken crimpies, cookies and 5 HOURS of painting – her morale boost was exactly what this sooky gal needed. Because we were painting the front of the building, it was an open invitation for the passing-by foot traffic to come and have a sticky beak and a chat – which was so so lovely! I got to hear lots of great suggestions and some hilarious stories about the rich past life of the building we’re in! Though the consensus was in; the white paint freakin’ rules! Which is lucky ’cause after today .. the painting is DONE! ohhhh, yes!


Jack and Isaac are working on the fitout tonight; they’ve built schools in Vanuatu on mission trips for many years together so this should be a walk in the park, right?! Jack is still down there amidst the thunderstorm and after a full day of work; makes my whinging about a sore arm seem pretty pathetic!

My two sweet ladies!

A couple of exciting things started today and will come to fruition tomorrow and I am super keen to share some of the bigger plans we have for interior of the cafe (which, um are suddenly becoming more of a reality than just a dream!!) and the aesthetics we’ve dreamed up!

ps. special shoutout to my sister who packed me a lunchbox and brought it over when I was so hungry I thought I was going to pass away (yep, we got a drama queen on our hands people!)

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