17. Paint Day!

Well, hey everyone, it’s me (um, Rianna) doing a cameo appearance on a weekend .. I know I know, I usually take a pretty stubborn stand against blogging on the weekend (part defiance, part laziness!) but Jack is wrapped up like a blanket burrito and is totally tuckered out!

It’s been one of those sit-down-in-the-shower kinda days (except I didn’t ’cause my hair’s clean .. girls, ya feel me, right?!). This weekend has left us physically exhausted but emotionally it has reignited a much needed dose of optimism into the both of us! We got far more done than we’d expected and had many moments where we stepped back and squealed a little … okay, maybe that was just me!

After a Bunnings run, we did a couple of hours at the venue painting and ended up with a full coat on both the brick walls – crispy, crispy white. I had never painted bricks before and something tells me that I’ll be very well-versed at it over the next two weeks – plus, free arm workout!

Another surprising bonus from the day: Jack currently has a strip of white paint in the front part of his hair (think Maxwell Sheffield) and it further confirms that he is going to be a very good-looking old man!


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