19. Around the World Friday

Jack started work this morning at 4:30AM so that left me officially alone for a ‘running around’ kinda day – oh, and just in case you’re ever tricked into thinking I’m the always-motivated type – morning, my sister and I did half a workout and then poo-poo’d it so we could eat breakfast and easter eggs instead (that’s how my day actually started today!)

I did a round the world trip today to get some boxes check (ooh that sweet satisfaction) – I went over and measured some of our existing equipment, I did an OfficeWorks run (strictly business .. I definitely did not stroll the aisles admiring the miscellaneous stationary and testing out all of their pens), I wrote up some paperwork and I went to Cooranbong for a Gumtree purchase that made me fear for my life while driving 35 minutes through the bushland to buy a freezer, made some phone calls and, um, ate some more easter eggs!

Jack has organised for some of the boys to meet at the venue tomorrow morning to do stage one of venue-prep .. the less glamorous side of it all; moving, cleaning and clearing out the excess junk. We are determined to stay focused and cautiously optimistic (which, can be really freakin’ hard sometimes) but I am SO excited to see some actual progress in the place .. and my mind can not help but imagine the day when the building is not a big, yellow eye-sore (yay!)

So an early-ish night for the Binghams (that means pre-11PM) preparing for a big day tomorrow! G’night everyone – I am excited to give you some serious updates tomorrow!!!

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