21. Wednesday

3 weeks left, um, no big deal .. right, right?! ha *panic ensues* haha but seriously, I was talking with a friend today about how the countdown makes me internally freak out, like, a lot! He just said, “well, you’ve been talking about the cafe for a long time so maybe without the countdown you still wouldn’t be making it happen” and ain’t that the truth. So I bet this next three weeks is going to be the most productive yet, cause heck, who doesn’t love a little last minute urgency?!

I trudged through jobs today, including placing orders, getting quotes and making scary phone calls (turns out rewarding myself with an easter egg at the end is the perfect incentive!). I switch intermittently between freaking out, being impatient and getting excited for our little cafe to open!

Sooo many things, so little time!


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