22. Cup Stamps

Many many conversations have happened around our takeaway cups; what they’re going to look like, where they’re going to come from, what sizes etc etc. but we have finally come to an agreement which means we get to action some fun stuff now (hooray!)

Everyone knows that stamping is the current trend. I am still loving on them for a couple of reasons:

  • The cup – It usually means the cup is a single-walled, plain lil’ baby – which means they’re better for the environment and for aesthetics than those big, ugly double walled ones (you know, the thick cups with cardboard ripples or a glossy coat … oooh *shudder*)
  • Instant advertising .. duh
  • Instagram opportunities – vanity aside, if social media and the interwebs are our primary form of promotion, let’s make sure that we provide customers with as many awesome Insta-worthy moments as we can – and if they’re ‘gramming their morning roast, then we want our name on that post!!
  • Freedom to mix it up – a custom stamp will set you back anywhere between $20 and $70 (depending on size, time frame etc) and if you order custom cups, the minimum order can be somewhere up in the hundreds of thousands (what?! yes) so a quick switch of the stamp means that the cups can be seasonal, on-trend and commitment free!
  • Rustic – I am still a firm believer that the rustic trend is not dead in the cafe world. I totally understand that a custom-printed cup looks professional and maybe has the cool-factor for some .. but honestly, I wayyy prefer the humble stamped cups. I don’t know what it is about cafes that make me less inclined to like the ‘we spent heaps of money’ kinda style. Probably a good thing for us though, right?! Cha-ching!

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 3.14.01 pm.pngScreen Shot 2018-04-10 at 8.17.59 pm.pngScreen Shot 2018-04-10 at 8.18.08 pm.png

So .. now I have convinced you that stamped cups are far superior (I feel like that was a line straight out of year 6 debate team) you may be asking, ‘well .. what the heck are you gonna stamp the dang cups with?!’ …

Since the verrry beginning (we’re talking like 2016 here, people) we have wanted affirmations stamped on people’s coffee cup .. so, if for some reason the coffee didn’t improve their day (must be a serious ailment) we wanted a token little note to say, ‘hey you’re valued and important and we love you and you go out there and be the best version of yourself’ … okay maybe I’ll just silently keep those ones to myself but you get the idea; people taking a little kindness with them – in a non-creepy, non-confrontational way (aka. our buff tradie customers aren’t going to have to carry around a star-spangled love note on their coffee every morning!).


So, as well as our logo – we’ll order two more affirmation stamps and alternate between them (we’ll eventually order some more .. but let’s not blow the capital budget on stamps, people!). Today I dusted off my Illustrator skills and did up some drafts – played around with fonts vs. hand-written, sizes and words. Then I got my craft on; cut them out, taped them on some cups (oh, you don’t have stacks of take-away cups in your house?!), cross my eyes and imagined them being served in the cafe .. the most fun! Makes it seem a little more real, right!!?



Keep your eyes glued for a sneak peak of the final product when we get the stamps!!!

Lil’ Wildflower love notes!

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