24. Melbourne Coffee

Many more coffees were consumed today, and one in particular was a stand out.
Brother Baba Buddan (Yes thats what is it called.) Why? It was because we walked past them twice in the last 2 days and both times it was lined up out the door! It was a very small and full room, with about 5 functional chairs on the ground and about 200 cable tied to the roof, we couldn’t pass it up.

IMG_3832 2

So how do they have a line up out the door? Surely a goal for any imaginary cafe hoping to open in the next 24 days..
The first thing you would ask is was their coffee exceptional and the answer is yes, it was very good but there are a lot of good places to get a very good coffee in Melbourne, most of which you don’t need to line up for.. was it their abundant seating and comfortable space? absolutely not, neither of which were existent (which is a great sign for Wildflower.)

Ri and I put it down to this, at some point in this cafe’s life, they created a culture, they did something different, they made an impact or the impressed a large group of people. From there it spreads and the more people it spreads to the more people you have to spread (hope that makes sense.)

If you can get a line up out the door for a week in a city like Melbourne enough people are going to see it and want to become a part of it one day… exactly like we did! Back that up with fast service and a really good product and congratulations your business is booming.

If I lived here and was opening a cafe in such a competitive market I would consider the cost of hiring 25-30 extras to stand in a “line” out the front of my cafe for a few days just to get the ball rolling.. I wonder if this would translate to Newcastle

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