28. Online Haul

Every Youtuber in the whole world posts Haul Videos which is pretty much just a weird culture of showcasing everything they’ve bought from that particular brand. So please excuse my slightly satirical cover image & post name but in Wildflower fashion, here is our miscellaneous haul from today; from our favourite supplier – the online world of the interwebs:

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 10.47.06 am.png

Jug Rinser – or pitcher rinsers (depending on how much you love that coffee-snob lingo!).

These babies are not the first thing you think of when you imagine a coffee setup but they are the silent achievers – having one of these built in to your bench means that there’s no time being lost taking your jug to and from the sink after every use or every time you need to rinse a jug or glass.

Rinsing the jugs (or measuring glasses) after each use is best practice because it keeps your equipment clean and prevents milky buildup (gross), Rinsing the jugs is one of those small steps to ensure that the 100th coffee you pour at 1pm is the same amazing quality as that first creamy pour at 6:30am – coffee equality.

After considering the option for a second hand one vs China import vs. a new Australian-made one, we went for the latter. Even though it was slightly more expensive, it’s worth it for the fast postage (28 days people), warranty and a hotline that means if we’ve already cut our counter apart, there’s someone we can call for an SOS.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 10.45.29 am.png


Yay! This one was victoriously conquered in an old-fashioned eBay bidding war; the nervousness was real and I’ll admit I may have jumped in the air when I finally won. I did go $10 over our limit, but hey .. you can’t expect an over-competitive gal to admit defeat that easily.
We opted for a commercial, under the counter dishwasher over just handwashing for a couple of reasons:

  • Hygiene – dishwashers have the ability to wash dishes at a temperature that our precious fragile hands cannot – which means bacteria, germs and all the gross things can be properly washed and sanitised after every use. Let’s be honest, reusing the same cups at a cafe is a scary enough thought – let alone only rinsing them between uses (it’s one step away from smooching that guy with the thick, smokers’ moustache .. urgh!)
  • Legality – for good reason, dishwashers are listed in the food safety guidelines
  • Efficiency – instead of spending 30 minutes washing and drying dishes in between customers, a commercial dishwasher runs on 2 minute cycle and uses rinse aid to make the dishes come out shiny and dry! Also, in terms of environmental efficiency, dishwashers trump handwashing every time (I heard it on an ad, so it must be true!)
  • Space – being able to load things straight into the tray prevents dirty dishes building up on the counters pace .. which is where food lives .. which is gross!

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 10.45.48 am.png

iPad Stand:

Maybe a bit trivial, but we wanted something pretty minimal for the counter that didn’t require us to drill into the counter top – not because I have commitment issues, but because it leaves more room for workflow adjustments/improvements!

A stand looks more professional, requires less handling and is at least a tiny but more secure than just leaving an iPad lazing around on your counter! So a $30 stand should do the trick, at least for a while!


Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 10.46.24 am.png

Receipt Printer:

I have done so many pros & cons lists for this one – whether to take orders and write on the cups, whether to handwrite orders, whether to pay for a receipt printer or just write on the cups. But I think although there is slightly more setup and capital cost in a receipt printer, the workflow will be far more streamlined:

  • the customer doesn’t need to wait for the order to be entered into the POS and then written on paper and/or a cup
  • It significantly reduces the likelihood of getting a part of the order lost or confused
  • It keeps things niiiiice and orderly (can’t you just hear my inner control freak right now?!) … no piles of cups, no loose papers ahhh okay .. maybe I’m too passionate about smooth workflow?!


Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 10.46.45 am.png


We do need two sinks for the shop (one hand washing and one for general washing) but I am still yet to stumble upon the larger sink online. So, in the next couple of days we’ll head to Sydney to pick up our new hand washing sink – handsfree (legal requirement people), working condition pulled straight out of an operating cafe. Am I going to try and get some more post-cafe stuff from this seller?! uhhh heck yes!

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