30. Previously On …

Dirty thirty, baby! Let me give you a super quick update of where we’re at just in case you’re 50 blogs behind and too intimidated to catch up. Imagine this blog post as the ‘previously on...’ catchup screen on your favourite Netflix show:

WF-01.pngOur beloved space came up not from a real estate but just because we’re persistent (some might say ‘annoying’) and hunted the owner down. It’s currently an empty building with a whollllle lotta junk out the front. Oh, and it’s bright freakin’ yellow! So there’s much work to be done, but so so much potential yay-factor (yep, I said that!)

WF-02.pngYep, we are totally swamped in red tape. Newcastle is technically registered as a ‘Small business friendly council’ which sounds awesome but there has been no interaction that has been friendly or supportive yet! In fact, it nearly feels like we’re being punished for trying to do things by the books. But no matter! We’re currently going through Hunter Water, collecting stamps for the council (kind of like collecting Pokemon but significantly less fun!) and then we’ll get our plans approved and move on to the fun stuff!


Hooray! There’s been a couple of reasons for this; but ethically sourced beans and  a powder pink machine has really sealed the deal (more on that down the track!)


Yep, like I said before – the building is currently a bit of an eye sore (but we love it, just like a mum can love a funny-looking baby .. okay, too far!) so we’re putting the village into action and planning a working bee. If you’re a part of the “let me know if I can help” gang, then be expecting a text or a callout within the next fortnight! There’ll be a fun range of tasks including, but not limited to sweeping, cleaning, painting, moving, drilling and my personal favourite ‘morale boosting’!!!

WF-05.pngEven though I have moments we’re I’m ready to throw Wildflower in the bin and run away, we are both still totally pumped to open! We are passionate about serving the community, we are irrationally optimistic about opening within the 100 days and we are having more fun than ever before. We’ve discovered that things can happen super quickly if you have a tonne of money to throw at it .. which, um, we definitely do not! So it’s taken patience and creativity to get around obstacles and still be making good progress! Oh, and trust me .. we’re feeling the sting of living one income (on our finances and also on my emotions!) so I promise  we are trying to do everything with haste!!

Inspirational quotes make living outside of your comfort sound freakin’ awesome – but it is a crazy wild ride, my friends! Wildflower, here we come!

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