31. Long Weekend Pt. 2

Well, I officially missed the first blog post of the last 68 consecutive days. Sorry about that..

Ri and I have known about these days in our calendars for quite a long time, the looong weekend!

Right now it’s Sunday night, we just got home from Ri’s sisters engagement/ baby gender reveal party, yesterday we were at a wedding for a school friend of mine, our house is trashed and even if we did want to get some work done on Wildflower everything is closed and no one wants to talk to us, it’s funny how sometimes everything kind of piles up like that.

This coming week we are hoping to kick some serious goals. We are hoping to have all our legal paperwork submitted and hopefully a majority of it approved so 2 weeks from now we will be in and yes I mean in, like finally able to paint walls, hook up electrical, build a freakin’ cafe! The home stretch is going to be HUGE!
Something I definitely would not have predicted is that 90% of starting a cafe has absolutely nothing to do with what everyone else will see when they come into your cafe, and I am going to make a prediction now that that is exactly what it’s like while it’s running too.

If I was given an empty room right now I could paint it, put a bench in it add a coffee machine and a fridge, a few shelves and that would be a cafe right? But the lessons we are learning along the way are.. Where is that room located? Is it sealed for food safety standards? Does it have plumbing for a sink? (you need 2) What kind of coffee machine did I get? Where are my cups coming from? etc. etc. I could write a thousand more questions that we have asked ourselves, discussed, and solved over the last 70 days or so, so that by the time one of our beloved customers walks in our roller door everything goes smooth as silk. Interesting.

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