33. Gumtree Attempt

I’ll be the first to admit that one day in to the long weekend I am already totally immersed in holiday vibes. Today was filled with all the good things; breakfast, church, 4WD bbq on the beach, unexpected gifts (eek!) and nowww Jack and I are relaxing in a hotel suite for the night – still in Newcastle but trying really hard to make those ‘staycation’ vibes.

So, in lieu of any productivity today, let me fill you in about the real side of hunting down Gumtree miracles – we found out about a shop in town closing that had a small cafe attached – I called, emailed and FB messaged them (yep, I’m that guy) and finally Jack and I got permission to go and have a look. I do struggle with the idea of being like “Hey sorry about your failed business, let me pick through like a scavenger” … so I promise I am kind and respectful!

Anyway, we went, we had a good look around and nothing other than the machine was actually commercial quality (though I did love their homely vibe of mismatched mugs from home … cuties!), which sadly means we had no use for anything and the Gumtree miracle potential was scratched away!
The silver lining we took away from this?! If they can run a cafe and still survive, then we sure as heck can!


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