35. Wall Talk

Let me paint a picture for you … our tiny espresso bar with natural light flowing in, enhanced by perfectly toned light fittings (imagine those really flattering lights in the H&M changerooms) and a contrasted, too-cool-for-school tiled wall with subway tiles in glossy white and perfectly black grout lines in between. ahhhh doesn’t that just make you excited for your long awaited morning coffee?!

Well, we thought so too (as our Pinterest board reflects) but ’cause we’re poor (both the money kind and the time kind) we need to move on from that dream and think outside of the gloriously tiled box! Because this space isn’t our forever space (remember we want indoor seating where people can sit for hours and live their best life) we cannot justify spending over $1000 on a wall with literally no financial return (and no way of taking it with us!) so now is our time to dream up something else.

I spent a bit of today trawling every type of wallpaper, paint and decal option known to the internet .. oh, and do you know how hard it is to find a wallpaper that is actually for a wall and not for your phone?!
We’re considering a 3D wallpaper but I’m starting to get emotionally invested in stencilling – and no, I’m not talking about old school stencils of words and numbers – you can get these geometric stencils (or make them if you’re thrifty enough), paint it over your wall and just like that, you have a perfectly unique feature wall (and a hefty arm workout I imagine!)

Update: While writing this post, Jack and I have had a spontaneous business meeting (aka we talked) and he has officially poo-poo’d (that’s the business term for ‘dismissed’) the idea of stencilling .. Instead we discovered (I say ‘we’ even though Jack is trying to steal my discovery) this amazing printed wallpaper … stay tuned!

Oh and if you wanna know my vibes, you know I’ll always be down to talk walls, but in the meantime have a lurk of the hashtag #ihavethisthingwithwalls and if you thought you didn’t care about decorative walls before, prepare to have your mind changed!

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