36. A $500 Pen

Today I had to head in town (yep, I officially live so far west that ‘going in town’ seems like a whole freakin’ day trip) to hand in some paperwork and got to have a spontaneous lunch with my glorious husband … aaaand that was about as good as the day trip got today.

Instead of needing a 2-3 working day stamp of approval that costs $21, our cafe space needs a ‘s50 certificate’ that costs $500 (annoyingly you can’t write numbers in capitals) and takes up to 30 days to be processed. Urrrgh the worst!

I left, I cried (don’t feel sorry for me though – I am notoriously dramatic) and was quickly consoled by a phone call to Jack who reminded me that if it is an inevitable expense then we will just pay it (oh okay – diplomatic, level-headed one!) and we have business savings for such a time as this … I just hate the idea of paying so much money for someone to put a stamp on paper …

So alas, the money will be paid and the show must go on (even if we have to wade through red tape everyday of our lives!) and the tiny silver lining from today’s encounter was that the admin lady let me steal her beautiful ballpoint pen. Sucker.


Oh, and the omission of the company’s name in this post has been deliberate – because otherwise it would have opened up a dangerous channel for me to whinge and defame them .. and that is not how we roll (well, at least I try!)

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