37. Aprons!

Today I finally bought aprons for the shop. Oh, you think this isn’t a big deal?! Think again, people!
I have been trawling the internet for weeks looking for the perfect apron. You may be thinking, ‘are aprons really necessary these days?!’ .. well, I know the cool, casual uniform-less worker is the new thing but not for this gal – I am a passionate worker (no, I won’t admit to being messy) and an apron is my only chance at not leaving work each day looking like I’ve walked through an actual sandstorm!

So, now that the necessity has been justified – let’s talk aesthetics… The humble bib apron as evolved from the plain white, black or checkered into being somewhat of a fashion statement for the hospitality fam. You can buy aprons that cost $280 each and are made of 100% leather (imagine that on a hot day!), you can buy cheap aprons that choke you around the neck or you can even buy aprons with so many pockets they’re like the hospitality version of cargo pants (seriously look at them; Bear Grylls would even be jealous). Luckily there is a sweet spot somewhere in the middle and a couple of Australian brands have got it right.

Most places in Newcastle either have denim aprons or a khaki aprons – both of which are awesome (and yep, I own both varieties!) so we wanted something slightly different but still not way off; not so much for the sake of being ‘trendy’, but mainly to try and avoid the idea that we’re just sliding into the Newy cafe template!

We looked at beautiful boho linen aprons (but soon realised that we weren’t beautiful bohos!) and we looked at custom made aprons with the works (well, with embroidery at least!) but I finally found the one.

It’s the average bib apron with a cross-back (if you ever need to know, don’t buy the ones that tie around your neck – you’re asking for an instant hair pulling and neck-chafing), chunky fastenings and pockets (and all the girls say eeek!) and the best bit .. warm caramel nutmeg, baby! Look at that colour!

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 8.08.55 pm.png

Ooh yes, deliveries like this make the reality become exciting instead of, well, freakin’ terrifying!

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