38. This is us ^^

Lazy Sundays are about 11:30 sleep ins, (which we did) and very efficient, quick meetings (which we attempted) but what we did get through was very important, we just have some finishing touches to add.

Today we sat down and created the absolute most comprehensive list we could to get us to a point of opening the doors.

It consisted of literally everything we could think of that we need it need to do and boy is there a lot! We divided it up into 6 categories (some have subcategories) with the purpose of at anytime we have a chance we can refer to the list and find a job to do to further our progress to Wildflower; these were the categories.

What we need

Pretty self explanatory

To confirm/ chase up

Info we need to find out and jobs that we aren’t personally doing


All legal documents and forms

Jobs for fit-out

All jobs relating to modifying the building itself i.e plumbing and electrical


Bits and pieces of timber, tiles and everything else we need to fit out the cafeSo that’s it, it’s long and it’s going to be hugely challenging but at least we have it all written down right?!

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