39. Qualified Friends

Firstly 39! What the heck, I swear we missed 10 somewhere, that is very scary.

I have been to the location a few times this week, A couple of amazing [and more qualified than myself] friends came to look at it through real eyes and answer lots of questions for me. Danny B and Danny L, Thank you!

On Wednesday we went and assessed the whole building construction wise and basically decided it shouldn’t fall down on us at any point so that’s a great start, we talked through some plumbing and building challenges and I am just forever grateful for the community that we are so fortunate to be able to have help us in this process.

Yesterday (Friday) I had other Dan the electrical master come and say lots of jargon that I pretended to follow, bottom line is that we should also have power no problem so that’s another huge tick!

Once Dan had left I had a really great and lengthy chat to Luke the owner and we went over many things, we decided we have some huge days ahead of us to prepare the building to be painted and built! There are lots of bits and pieces around the place (see image below l) and they need to be relocated back inside the building

Community Service Announcement: Anyone know any plumbers or have any expertise in moving big things hit us up here (not joking, please)

So 100 days is looking crazier than ever, I am just gonna fake it til we make it as far as confidence in finishing, It’s honestly so hard to say but what I can guarantee is that I am gonna have to have a few days off work soon because we have some heavy lifting to do.

Fingers crossed and seriously, want to help? Let us know!

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