40. Meeting sans Rianna

So, here’s an honesty moment – I have that annoying of trait of wanting to please people too much; I know I may sound like that guy in an interview who is all like, “my greatest weakness is being too much of a perfectionist” (*insert eyeroll here*) but seriously – somewhere during my 20s I have become that gal who dances around the point of what I’m actually trying to say just so I don’t offend or disappoint someone. If you know me, you’ll know I am not afraid of confrontation, like at all (in fact, I do think it’s actually a pretty efficient means of communication!) so it doesn’t even make sense why I’m like this.

But … it makes me thankful I have the husband I have – Jack Bingham; the call-it-like-it-is, super brave one!

So, now you have the backstory … To speed up the process of actually getting into the cafe space, we had to plan one of those icky conversations with the owner of the building that make you feel like you’re about to get a needle at the doctors (oh, just me?! great!)  – we had to put our grownup pants on (today mind were black culottes, duh!) and have a conversation where we set boundaries, expectations and deadlines (ie everything that makes me cringe). But because I am self-aware enough to identify it, I told Jack this morning that I’d be a liability at the meeting and instead of both of us going, I just dropped him off to lay down the law (and do that move where you karate-chop your own hand to show that you mean business!) And he did! I picked him up 2 hours later; I’d count that as a great success!

Jack’s playing the Xbox upstairs right now and I have pretty much no idea what happened within those two hours – I have a feeling I might find out about it all at the same time as you when he writes a blog tomorrow! Woo hoo – let’s believe for miracles, people!!!


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