50. Bagel Hunt

You guys know how much I love market research, right?! And you know I’m not talking about the theoretical kind – you can’t read about atmosphere and you can’t taste quality through your iPhone .. you have to go in there, face someone at the counter and selflessly order all the coffee and all the foods .. all in the name of research. Tough break, right?!

Well, our current quest that we [selflessly] started today is for the best freakin’ bagel in Newcastle – we cannot make them ourselves (I blame my oven on my inability to bake .. but we all know the truth here), we need them delivered fresh to the cafe and we cannot order anything par-baked (unless we can cook them in the fridge).

We’re not super interested in using huge commercial suppliers ’cause we want to recreate that “ohhh my gawwwsh” kinda reaction that you only get when things are made with small-business, real-person kinda love!

We have big plans for the Wildflower bagels (including a lot of taste testing if anyone’s up for it!) so we are excited to find someone who fits the Wild Bunch mould; passionate, kind and awesome. We want to be made up of a community of love and awesomeness and this certainly includes our suppliers!

If you know any bagel-smiths, holla!

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