52. Q&A #2 – Why Wallsend?

Another 11:50pm blog, it’s a Sunday and as you are aware minimal physical work gets done on a Sunday so its time for Q&A #2, last time Ri and I did more of a rapid fire question answer blog but this week I am going to focus on a single question that we haven’t yet covered..

Why Wallsend?

There are actually a huge number of reasons why Wallsend and it’s funny because we agreed on it a long time ago and we haven’t really even considered anything else, even after being let down by real estate at least twice (see blogs 99. and 76.) but now with our current location, still in Wallsend, it looks like we aren’t going anywhere.

Here is my completely theoretical theory about Wallsend. [Real estate moguls please direct all feedback to the Say Hello page]

Newcastle is a growing city, in fact Newcastle is growing extremely fast in regards to what the city is relative to the outer suburbs. There would have been a time where Newcastle the suburb was the whole city, over time Hamilton joined the game, shortly followed by Broadmeadow then more recently Adamstown, Islington, Maryville and New Lambton, Mayfield etc. have joined the party.
Let me photoshop up a quick diagram so you can see what I mean..


Basically, we feel like Wallsend is on the edge of being somewhere people want to go more, there is 13,000 people (according to here) living out there that need to go somewhere, the best evidence that we can offer is that we are some of those people. Ri and I live in Elermore Vale and we can’t easily grab a coffee on a Saturday morning without heading to one of the more developed, more popular pink areas.

So why not start where its already considered the City? Besides the huge convenience of starting a shop 2 mins from your house for those 5:30am starts, those pink suburbs and the surrounds are also already a home to so many amazing cafes and shops. Even just 5 years ago, if I were told you could get a good coffee in Mayfield I would have been blown away, now along Maitland Rd there are at least 5-6 incredible cafes and I would go to just about every one of them.

Being outside the popular areas also has the benefit of cheaper rent and an actual chance at getting a property. Wallsend is the home to 3 gyms, a library, 2 grocers, a Bunnings and heaps more, I feel like there is so much happening there and Ri and I are excited to have the opportunity to be a part of setting the new city culture.

Do you live around the area? Will Wildflower Wallsend be handy for you or an painful trip out of town?
Comment below or contact us here, we love hearing from you!

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