51. Workflow

Unfortunately I’ve chosen to post this the day after Jack showed off his effortless Photoshop skills in his weekend post (insert jealous eyeroll here), so right now, in the very first sentence of this blog I’d like to ask for this to be an official judgement-free zone. I am still relatively new to the Illustrator game and obviously have refining skills to catch up on!

I said back here that the two pillar values of Wildflower so far are work ethic and work order. Work ethic is the subjective ‘feely’ part and the work order is the hardwired efficient part! For those who don’t know, I spent a lot of my hospitality career (yes, we actually are allowed to say career even though we wear joggers instead of pencil skirts!) in  clubs and bars – you know, the kind of setup where two [or more] people are squished into a small space and expected to make 20 drinks at a time without colliding or getting totally tangled up like lanky octopi. So, if the setup wasn’t right in there – it was chaos. Which meant no consistency, long wait times and probably pretty annoyed staff (um.. me) and all of these things combined makes for a pretty unhappy customer (especially when they’re paying $18 per drink…).

So when you’re designing a workspace (for food service), you have to get in the mindset of service times:

  • You must be able to talk/greet customers all the time – sound invasive? Welcome to hospitality, my friends; an extrovert’s dream!
  • It has to be set out in a logical way – picture a factory production line (side note: watching food be made on a production line is like, my favourite freakin’ thing ever)
  • Sorry lefties (Jack) but it should be set out for right handers, so the movement between equipment, serving and presenting feels natural, smooth and easy! Left to right baby!
  • All things ‘food safety’ have to be taken into account; easy to clean, hygienic, sealed etc – I love this stuff too, so I’ll probably dedicate a whole post to it!
  • Oh and … it’s pretty much permanent (commitment-phobes look away!) – you have to be sure before you drill and plumb into your glorious benchtop .. you gotta be reeeeeal sure!

So, taking all those things into account (as well as my previously mentioned Illustrator skills) behold! my draft workflow setup:


It is not to scale at all .. it hasn’t been measured or approved or anything really – but I love it. I can not wait to stand behind this freakin’ counter and serve.
Urgh, doesn’t the idea of efficient workflow just get you excited?! No?! Oh…


PS. If you have suggestions (be kind) hit us up – otherwise; spread the word .. I’m pretty much a professional draftsman over here (and yes they are tiny milk bottles!)!!


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