It’s Saturday, which means an unconventional blog and luckily so because as Ri just mentioned to me we left home this morning when it was dark and we came home tonight and it was dark. Ri and I spent the day in Sydney so I could get fitted for a shirt for my brothers wedding coming up later this year, very exciting and very fun.

Once all of the formalities were complete we did what we do best and undertook some market research in some cafes in Sydney, one of which was a little place called Single O. We actually just ran into it while we are looking for Op Shops in Surry Hills which only adds to the fun.


We sparked up a short conversation with two of the employees and they were super nice and super cool, we spoke a little about Wildflower and found out some really cool facts about them too.

  • They Opened in 2003 in Surry Hills
  • They have killer t-shirts that they will be putting on the market to purchase soon
  • They roast their own beans

Upon further inspection and some website stalking I am even more impressed (and I was already a fan!) I also found out…

  • Their roastworks runs on solar power
  • They make effort to source ethically & environmentally sound beans
  • AND they had a part to play in creating The Juggler

Those last 3 items on that list are things that Ri and I both value a lot in the coffee industry and if you haven’t heard of The Juggler look it up because it is (and has been for quite some time) on the goals list for Wildflower, it wont be part of version 1.0 but boy is it sitting on top of the eventually basket, we can talk about how great it is in so many ways another time.

Single O we like you a lot, welcome to #THEWILDBUNCH

If you find yourself in Sydney looking for good coffee they have our tick of approval, check out their website here and their Facebook here


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