54. Update

A few people lately have checked in to see where we’re at; have we heard back from yellow building, have we got a place or are we still doing a cafe at  all anymore!? Well, let me fill you in and bring you up to speed as to where we’re at.

Jack and I are in this pretty terrifying place where we actually have a space to build Wildflower; we have solicitors preparing a lease, we have council applications going through and we have equipment contracts ready to be signed. Which leaves the two of us feeling like we’re standing at the edge of a cliff; looking at where we’re headed but having no idea what the next couple of weeks is going to hold; no preparation or research could prepare us for the plunge. Up until now, despite a serious hit to our ego, we’ve had an easy-out .. but once the contracts are signed and we’re in and ready – there’s no going back!!

I spoke to the building owner yesterday and he confirmed that from next week, we’ll be working on getting the building ready (we remember what the facade looks like, right) and then the interior mods will start once the thumbs up comes back from council (all of the fingers are crossed for that one!)

We’re going to enjoy this weekend, ’cause I have a feeling we only have a couple of relaxing ones left before the reality of Wildflower really kicks in .. prettttttty freeeeakin’ exciiiiiiting!! (I hope you can hear my high pitched voice saying that out loud right now!)

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