60. Networking (talking)

Here we are a couple of minutes before midnight! Amongst our day of miscellaneous celebrations (it certainly seems to be a festive time of year .. which explains why my Christmas bod hasn’t miraculously shred away yet!), we did [more] than our fair share of eating, not much relaxing and a wholllle  lotta networking (that means just talking to people we actually really like)! In many conversations today, I shared my distress about feeling completely ill-equipped to deal with council is any way and to our delight, we were reminded one of our wonderful friends works in council. He’s agreed to do some investigating and help us out; which means he’ll be able to do some translating for us (into the native ‘commoner’ language of small business owners), provide clarity where currently, for me, there is none and help us to understand the next call to action we need to take! Hooray!

Another clear reminder it’s not what you know, right?! Thankful for our community today! Woo

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