61. All about you

Yes you. This is a blog reader, Wildflower follower thank you letter to you! + an extra bit

It is exciting times for us and Wildflower, but funnily enough that doesn’t make it all of a sudden easy, I look to my left right now and see a white board with literally 50 jobs on it, 2 of them are crossed out.. This is the life we choose to live, but seriously, as much as we have going on we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I often get asked about the blog and why we do it? Why do 100 days? Why start a cafe? [all the reasonable logical questions] and there is days when neither Ri or I could easily answer that but I’ll tell you one thing and that is that bringing our friends, some we know, some we don’t, along for the ride is the greatest thing ever.
I am almost daily encouraged by someone about the cafe, someone at work asks me about it, I receive an email from someone offering help in their area of expertise and it is like nothing else to have people around you coming along the journey.. so thank you.

Thank you if you are one of the people that asked my if Ri is doing ok because she mentioned she was unwell in the last post.. and called it pity party (p.s yes she is well, currently asleep upstairs getting some well earned rest)

Thank you if you emailed us this week and offered to help with a practical job in setting up the cafe or offered a piece of equipment that we may need or a service you specialise in.

Thank you if you told Ri or I that you are enjoying the blog and the journey in any way and/ or if you let a friend know about this crazy thing we are doing so they can be a part of it too.

Every one of these things literally happened in the last few days at least once, I would name people but I couldn’t possibly remember everyone and for those that have done/ offered major help you will get whats coming to you trust us!

In conclusion, keep it up, you don’t know how much it means to us! We aren’t about doing things on our own, we are a community, Wildflower is a community and without you there is no point to doing any of this.. its all about you.

P.S If you are one of the quiet ones, someone we don’t personally know, we would love to change that, email us here for anything! Just say hey, start a chat, tell us your favourite movie, you made it this far which means you’re awesome!

OK the extra bit. It’s fun I promise

Ri is currently asleep upstairs so she has officially not signed off on any of this but she sent me a message tonight suggesting we don’t blog on a weekend anymore (presumably because we try really hard to rest and don’t make much cafe progress.)
My idea is that on a weekend, rather than pull a progress based blog together we start up a segment or two, a reoccurring theme where you get to read about something a bit different and learn a little.

These are my ideas.
Wildflower Q&A – You guys can send us anything you want and we will answer.
#THEWILDBUNCH Feature – We feature a part of our community that has made its way into The Wild Bunch and introduce you to them.

Learn about us, learn about our community sounds pretty fun to me.

IF we are going to run a Q&A this weekend we need your help so if you got this far send us an email here (please) or comment below some questions so we have something to answer, otherwise we’ll have to come up with something else!



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  1. Great blogs, love reading about your journey, been a small business owner myself it is hard work so dont give up,
    My question as a tea drinker, (horror your thinking someone who doesn’t drink coffee) will there be an amazing chai tea, as ive been to cafes where all it tastes like is hot milk or its the horrible powered one, and yes i have given them back and ask them to make a better one. I have tried the tumeric tea that was delicious as well. Maybe go for an nice ice tea in the summer months nothing better. Well i could rave on about tea as you do about coffee, so I’ll say good bye for now and good luck, love you Truusje xx


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