64. Space Update

This is the update from last week’s location scout (read about that over here) so let me get you up-to-date in the ever-efficient dot points. Starting from last Monday, here is the chronicles of our crazy life:

  • My lovely lady Renae (who operates on my level of crazy) walked with me through Wallsend being super invasive to every vacant property (think hands and faces squished against glass trying to peep in… yep, we’re those guys) – after a while we found this abandoned (kinda scary) looking building with a big, ol’ roller door and bright yellow walls!
  • A couple of other events happened through the week that may suggest I have strong creeper qualities (I can just feel your judge-y eyes right now!) but a game-changing moment happened when I was back down at the yellow rollerdoor taking some photos (again, stop judging!) and ran into an old friend who happens to own the whole building next door! I excused my weirdo behaviour and explained we wanted to rent the place for an espresso bar; apparently he is a self-diagnosed coffee addict and couldn’t get me in contact with the building owner any faster!
  • I called the number he gave me, but alas, it went straight to voicemail. So, unwilling to accept defeat and determined to avoid another dead-end lead, I did what any line-blurring gal would do … searched the phone number through social media platforms, found the guy on FB, contacted a mutual friend and got his new mobile number (yep, I really did that .. but a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do).

Anyway, before you call the police on me, I did get in contact with him and he was totally cool with being hunted down! After 15 minutes on the phone, he met us in Wallsend and we walked through the building site talking about dreams and plans; after chatting, Luke is super on board for the vision, he’s happy to make things work quickly (*cough* 100 days) and we agreed on a pretty miraculous number for rent.

Yep, there’s a lot to take in amongst that sentence, so I’ll let you reread it!

This afternoon, I had a moment where I may have cried and was over-the-top rejoicing. But again I have been reminded that until we sign anything, I must not get too emotionally involved (yep, even can admit it’s too late for that!)

So .. we haven’t signed a contract, so I cannot say that we have a place – but if you were anywhere near me today, you’d tell from the little squeals of excitement that it does feel like we’re getting closer!



*Disclaimer – if this space does fall through, prepare yourself for at least a week of over-emotional blog posts**

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