66. Sunday (again!)

Well, we’re back to sacred Sunday, a name that tries to disguise that fact that no productivity happens today! These days are spent enjoying the sweet things in life; my husband, our families and if we’re honest, too much food (but I’m drinking a green tea now so that fixes all the gluttony, right?!). My most productive endeavour is to look forward into this week and set a couple of objectives that, for Wildflower’s sake, I want to complete:
By next Sacred Sunday I hope to:

  • Have a location locked in for Wildflower (gotta be ambitious with those goals, yo!)
  • Have added to our #THEWILDBUNCH list (which means trying new places for coffee and meeting new people, yay!)
  • Draft a framework and wording for the Wildflower Website
  • Build a list of local suppliers and respective order lists
  • Get some killer bargains online for the cafe fit out (a vague goal, yes – but gives me a great excuse to trawl the internet)

So that is my pre-week list of objectives, in addition to these, I make a list each morning of things I’d like to achieve that day; it’s a way for me to remain focused (though coffee helps with this too!) and feel like I’m still achieving something in this weird limbo time before we have a building and are making any coffees ourselves yet!


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