70. Thrifting

For those who know Jack and I, you probably know we don’t like to buy, um, traditionally! If there’s another way to do it, we’re in – most of our house is furnished with inherited, free or thrifted things (as I type, I’m sitting on a stool we picked up off the side of the road). There’s a couple of reasons we do this:

  1. We’re poor – well, we’re millennial poor. Which means we are living on one income and while we can afford rent, petrol and more than our fair share of avo toast, we live that tight budget life; tiny grocery bill, tiny spending allowance and certainly no room to be buying $60 t-shirts or full price furniture
  2. There’s a thrill in thrifting – finding unique clothes & furniture and getting them for next to nothing is the best feeling ever (yes, I wear my silky vintagewear like trophies of my hardcore op-shopping!)
  3. Point of Difference – Automatically it means we’re not the straight-outta-the-catalogue cafe; the look, feel and fit-out of the cafe (also apply this principle to house and outfit!) cannot be replicated by ducking into the department store and running through the checklist. Every item is lovingly handpicked, and sometimes travelled through many suburbs to get our hands on!
  4. It’s good for everyone – we get products with a higher quality than we could ever actually afford, we stop them going into landfill and give someone else some play money (I promise my general knowledge of the economy goes deeper than this naive statement!)

In terms of thrifting style, we could not be more different – Jack has this killer haggling ability, where he will get the absolute best price for anything and meanwhile, I seem to be convinced that I can make friendships with every person I buy/sell too (which means I could probably be convinced to pay above the asking price). Lucky we’re made to strengthen each other’s weaknesses, right?!
But while our techniques are polar opposites, we both love the challenge of the thrift – we love thinking outside the box for uses, solutions and ways around the norm; you know, like buying all of our shoes secondhand (oh, you think that’s gross?! good it means less online competition for us ratbags!) or like trading an old iPad for a USA Fender Strat (worth >$1K cha-ching)!

So, if not already, you should now be wholly convinced that thrifting is totally the best way to do life and naturally, it’s a necessity in our quest to fitting out the cafe; Jack and I both check online platforms like FB Marketplace, eBay and Gumtree everyday (I’m not ready to admit how many times in a day though) to see what’s getting listed, what we’re looking to pay for things and be the first ones to jump on those miracle bargains!

On the current thrifty wishlist (which hopefully we won’t need to enter an actual shop .. cringe) for Wildflower:

  • Commercial Dishwasher & Ice Machine
  • Display Cabinet & Fridges
  • Sound System
  • Sign Makers

In addition, we also are on the constant lookout for cafes, restaurants and takeaway shops that are closing down, swapping owners or trying to get rid of a whole bunch of stock/appliances – that is like the gumtree jackpot. Man, oh, man!!

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