75. Binary

It’s Friday, It is 10:30pm, it’s the end of another week and Ri and I have come to the real-realisation that the place that we wanted, is either not going to become available to us or will be available to us in an undisclosed amount of time.

It’s a challenge to our pride but who ever thought there wasn’t going to be challenges, PLUS if you have been following the blog this is actually the second time this has happened but you’ll notice I did not name this blog ‘Crushed Dreams Pt. 2’ (see Crushed Dreams Pt. 1)

This is because yes this is a hurdle, a huge unanticipated one actually, but we are not discouraged anymore, Ri and I spoke today (a lot) and we are content with this place coming through or not because there will be another.

This is where I would like to take a short break and introduce you to a new concept, last time I blogged I let you all in on my horizontal days theory, today I want to introduce you to my binary outcomes theory, this is how it works…

If you are unfamiliar with binary, it is the language of computers it is either a 1 or a 0, it is either off or its on.

This actually came about the first time many years ago when as a single guy I thought ‘when will I ever find the right girl’ [0] and then one day, out of nowhere, I had a girlfriend [1] There was no ramp up, preparation or anything that could have prepared me that I went from a completely round and never ending 0 to a perfect 1 (p.s I married her and she is a 10.)

The same thing happened when we were looking for a house to rent, Ri and I looked at places for months, none were right and all the right ones kept getting away, then, within 24 hours we had a place.

Same thing with our wedding venue, we got no after no after no, then, we had one and 100% of that stress and those thoughts of ‘will we ever find a place’ are relieved and reset. The point being this lack of building has a binary outcome, we might not get a place until blog 42. and until then it’s panic stations as usual, but when we do… we will!

[If that made no sense I apologise and I promise Ri will be back tomorrow with a blog]

Ri and I went for a walk around a few suburbs today and had a look at a few potential places, we met a really great guy named Steve who showed us around his small office space which turned out to be a huge warehouse (we thought it was only the front room.)

So now the search is officially on, I know we asked the same question in yesterdays blog but if you have any leads on a building, space, room anything shoot us an email, send us a message and let us know!

We would love for you to be the one that turns our 0 into a 1.

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