80. Girl Power

Remember I said yesterday that Saturdays were sacred – well, add that in with a nap and an overindulgent meal and that’s what my Sunday has looked like .. aka void of anything productive!

However, a nice surprise arrived in my inbox this afternoon from one of my amazing girlfriends (you know .. the forever kinda friends..!), Kaitlin who forwarded me a whole list of killer business blogs and also referred me to a business start-up ebook, which, undoubtedly I’ll binge on during some point this week!


Just in case you were wondering, Kaitlin is also a creative genius – check her out

While I am so grateful for podcasts and amazing business chicks doing their thing and sharing their wisdom, I am even more appreciative of the women on my level looking out for one another; I love being a part of this generation (don’t read that as being age specific, people) where girls are watching each other’s back and collectively we’re starting to kill the freakin’ game. Man, thoughts like this just totally get my feminism-senses tingling (If you’re wondering, yes .. I do have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to sparkly, pro-feminist quotes) and I love it.

So there was not one thing ticked off my checklist today and I have nothing to report; but I am still feeling so inspired, encouraged and motivated to be better – just by the crazy girl-I’ve-got-your-back kinda love that one gal can show another!

I’ve said it before, but I’m really not an inspirational quote, personal mantra kinda gal – so I try really hard to make these blog posts reflect that – as a result, I’m going to ground the aforementioned girl-gang inspo talk with some practical links so, if you’re that way inclined, you can binge on all the media with me.

Now before I list them, let me open the floor and say if you have any amazing business/marketing/apologetics (my three fa

v topics) podcasts, blogs or books – holla at me! Here’s what’s on my ‘queue’ this week:


  1. Jess Ruhfus — Ep4; it’s about email lists, which we don’t have .. so let’s be honest, I’m listening to it ’cause I got a girl crush!
  2. Girl Boss Radio – Ep 17 & 70. We love this girl after bingeing on the Netflix series; but I can only handle a little podcast at a time – between ads and OTT opinions; I still love her though!
  3. The Liturgists – This one is just for fun; science, art and faith! hello!


Smackbang Design Blog – aesthetically pleasing, genius female author and recommended by my girl Kaity; like I needed another reason!
Plus, a little book on marriage – ’cause after all,being a wife is by far my most important role and the one I want to be best equipped for!

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