81. Unplanned Networking

If you don’t know me enough yet, you may not yet know that I am allll about keeping those Saturdays (and Sundays) sacred .. which, could be why I’m sitting at the computer writing this at 11:54PM trying to sneak it in before the 12AM deadline!

Even though we had absolutely nothing productive on the agenda for today (plus, I had next to no energy after being totally written off yesterday with a stomach bug), we still made time for coffee with the family (even though I had to replace my long black with a double shot Hydralite!). You know how you can never plan conversations over coffee, they just naturally happen and evolve and turn into exactly what you need?! Yep, well that happened this morning and started with the totally cliche, “I heard from my hairdresser..”

Except Rohan’s (my amazing mother in law, if you didn’t know!) hairdresser is way more than just that, Matt is totally awesome and, to quote Rohan today, always has his ears to the ground! So we take his recommendations seriously! And he gave us a name and a location (and a physical description!) of a lady who may be our ticket in to an untapped coffee location! Not quite in our original suburb, but maybe even better!

I wish I could confirm more details now, but let it be known it’s already been scheduled as my first “to action” list for this week (not Sunday, because I already said … those days are freakin’ sacred people!) – so watch this space, and if you are a pray-er, please send some up for our unplanned introductions on Monday morning!

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