It’s Friday and it has been a huge week! Ri has been unwell all day and I just slogged out what seemed like an 18 hour day at work (it was just the usual 8) but you know how sometimes it just keeps going!

Café progress is at what I call a horizontal day, it comes from a few years ago when I was building a school building in Vanuatu. Day 1 and 2 we put up all the framing for the walls and roof it looked like a building! (Vertical Day) “We’ll be done in no time!” said everyone [internally] but over the next week we cut cladding, nailed supports, hurricane proofed and worked our butts off to stand there looking at a building frame that looked exactly the same as a week prior.
That’s where the café is at, a horizontal day, it doesn’t look like much but we are doing necessary work so that future Jack and Ri will thank us for getting through this red tape now.


Let me tell you about a new initiative we are creating as a part of Wildflower it’s called #TheWildBunch. If you are up to date with the blog you’ll know we aren’t a competitor focussed business, we are here to share love and encouragement, I don’t mean that to sound all hippy and sappy but it’s just true. #TheWildBunch is a chance for us as Wildflower to show off other cafes and people in our field (or their field as we haven’t even entered the game yet.)

We want to feature amazing, inspiring cafes and people on our Instagram and induct them into #TheWildBunch showing off what they do and why we think they are great, it’s that simple.

One day Wildflower will have a proper website and I like to think #TheWildBunch will be a feature on it where people go and look at the incredible small business owners in our local area and beyond.


If you haven’t followed our Instagram yet, I know there isn’t much to look at now but jump in with us and follow the visual journey there too.


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